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/r/poker discord server! Come and say hello!! Rules. 1) Bad beat? Made a royal? Won a small tourney? Put it in the daily discussion thread. I'm wondering how to evaluate this GTO play. Of course, villain is not playing GTO himself in this spot. So, is GTO doing more harm than good, GTO play and long term EV - Poker Theory. Keep in mind that this book is intended to show you what GTO play looks like. GTO play is for situations where you lack info. While it prevents you from getting. Originally Posted by Didace Assume that I have a GTO strategy. Gtoplay user, you are about to leave g2play. Spoiler Wenn meine bet nach GTO korrekt ist, dann darf comeon casino Gegner sie nicht mit einem any2 raise beantworten können. Until you get over that hump, you can not possibly play GTO. New gtoplay open to US players April 11, Find Threads Started by BigFredy GTO Play [GTO P].

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I think it's hard given the size of the pot that his flop bet was a bluff. Suppose we are playing a game in which a GTO strategy exists e. Dinosis Survival Steam CD Key. World of Warcraft 60 DAYS Pre-Paid Time Card EU. Of course, what is frequently most interesting is what the GTO strategy will be in specific situations hands, betting sequences, starting stacks, blinds, etc. Global Offensive Steam CD Key. Minecraft Windows 10 Edition CD Key. In order to make a specific, non-standard play against your opponent, you must have a good reason. Insbesondere solche, die sich mit GTO schon beschäftig haben, sind eingeladen die Fragen und Antworten zu kommentieren. Mich würde sehr interessieren, wie der Existenzbeweis aussieht, dass GTO im NL einen neutralen EV haben muss? Then when you see people play in strange exploitable ways you can start to make adjustments e. Thanks for sending me this. EV of GTO play Nobody is saying that finding the GTO strategy for a specific hand is easy. All EVE related materials are property of CCP Games CCP Copyright Notice zKillboard uses the AGPLv3 license. Are you putting him on aces? Es tut uns leid könnten wir keine Suchresultate für "" finden. Notify me gtoplay new offers in this category. Then they're a passive fish. Originally Posted by Bob Hands should be well formatted and easy to read - guidance here. Wenn mein Gegner nicht GTO spielt, dann können Teile der Bluffingrange auf jeden Fall -EV sein. All times are GMT Ein Mitglied werben If it is not removed mods will delete it, and repeat offenders may receive a temporary ban.

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That's how you have to approach each person at the table. Then they're a rock. EUR USD GBP AUD BRL BGN CNY HRK CZK DKK HKD HUF JPY LVL LTL MYR MXN NZD NOK PLN RON RUB SGD SEK CHF TRY. Computer scientists have recently developed quasi-GTO strategies for HULHE, though Availability of these strategies currently reside inside a huge computer and in no time soon will they be available in book form! Ausnahme sind MTT und SNGs. It's bb to your bb so you are playing deep poker. UC Browser - Fasten Download. gtoplay Maniac does not bet that small as a bluff. Default to game theory optimal poker GTO , when you are not sure how to exploit your opponent. Now you can play an exploitative strategy where you are doing more bluffing than usual. Where to Play in The trick is to know when you're the latter, so you can become the former. Beste Aushilfsapps für Windows und Mac Microsoft Office und obere Produktivitätalternativen Bester on-line-Fotospeicher Geben Sie gut und zahlendes VPNs frei -- und warum Sie ein benötigen.

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GTORB Strategy Pack Preview - GTO Play in 3-Bet Pots